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This blog documents the development of 9 robot arms. Each one is being built by a team of three engineering students of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP) during the fall semester 2019.


    December 5, 2019 by

    Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we update our advance with the robotic arm, we did it this afternoon, but this is a resume of our story. As you know, we been through a lot of problems and failures, fortunately, the practice make us smarter and we found a solution for each problem that… Read more

  • Final Project: Implementation of an Anthropomorphic Robot

    December 4, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION This robotics project were developed for academic reasons, the anthropomophic arm is one of the basements for the history of robotics, and this type of robot is the one which is the most similar to the human body. The fingers,the arms, the feets,  in general the hole human body can be represented with rotational… Read more

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